Thursday, May 5, 2016

Walk Your Dog, Support Your Local Shelter

Did you know you can help your local shelter just by WALKING YOUR DOG? I sure didn't! So I thought I'd share this awesome news with all of you~ Simply download the FREE APP and start walking!

 The shelter I am choosing to support is All Breed Rescue, they helped pull our rescue dog "Kook" from a NYC shelter last November. It is a Non Profit Organization, founded in 1996 with over 6,000 animals rescued. That's an average of 300 animals a year for 20 years!! Thank you, All Breed Rescue.

We could not be more grateful for the presence of Kook in our home. Last February we lost of beloved Rhodesian Ridge-back to his fight with Cancer. He was 9, and so happy/healthy we never saw it coming. The Transition of receiving Kook and Loosing Kola, was perfect for what it was.

The shelter allowed us to purchase a crate of our choice, after Kook had injured himself repetitively trying to escape from many others. They waived his adoption fee due to the amount of crates and items purchased and ruined, knowing we didn't have much for money. They helped us with tips and tricks. Our Home Visitor was exceptional as well with giving us a great deal of information and support. We are not a family with lots of money, so for us this is a really easy way for us to help them do what they do!~

Please, Consider Adopting a pet today!

For more information on All Breed Rescue Visit their page or send them an email.

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