Monday, January 19, 2015

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Getting "Back on the Train"

   A New Year is (once again) upon us and I find myself constantly faced with many public displays of New Years resolutions. For me, these resolutions are taunting and a bit over rated. Not that goals and trying to better your self, is not a wonderful idea, it is! I just have trouble with the concept of "New Year Resolutions"  and think we should simply do this all year long! Some might call it a "Life Plan", or "Long Term Goal". I am constantly trying to be better than I was yesterday, always striving to improve. Here are a few things I will be working on this up-coming year. Id love to hear some of your resolutions too, so please, leave a comment! Let us know how you approach your goals, what helps YOU achieve these goals? For me, last year was more about getting things done. This year is going to be more about me & my husband. Taking care of ourselves, being happy, healthy physically and emotionally. What will this year be for you?

Lemon Water-

      Adding this item to my daily dietary routine has become easier than I had ever imagined! Although I have yet to replace my morning "Cup-o-Joe" I can already tell you, I feel amazing! I have never been a big water drinker,I've listed a few helpful links to articles, blogs, websites that I use often and find very helpful. Enjoy!


      Im using Yoga to help me focus, increase flexibility, strengthen my core and improve balance. I need to slow my self down in this fast paced world , re focus and center my energy. Im finding ways to do yoga daily. With three children in the house I thought this would be impossible. It's not! In fact, my kids have grown very fond of doing and watching yoga. So when the kids are going crazy and I need to focus I simply call out "let's do some Yoga!" The whole family becomes re-focused on our daily needs and accomplishments, rather than chaotic and overwhelming with responsibility.


      I am trying to allow more time for reading, Ive always wanted to have more time to just read a good book. Since the New Year, Ive picked up David Baldacci's The Target, not realizing it is the third book of the "Will Robie Series". The Innocent and The Hit were published prior to The Target so I am a bit out of sequence. His writing is so good, I don't feel the need to read the series in order, however now that I know, I cannot wait to finish this book and read the other parts to this series.
  Im really enjoying the "me time" that goes along with reading. Using this tactic to past the slow days at the office, the quiet (rare) moments at home, and any other chance or place I get!

  Im excited for the New Year, for all the "Life Plans", "Long Term Goals" and "Resolutions" we all may have. Im looking forward to spending more "me time" this year, and focusing on my family, myself and my wonderful Husband, rather than getting things done. So I ask you, what will your life goals consist of this year? How will you approach these goals? I cannot wait to hear your responses~

~Happy New Year~

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