Thursday, April 26, 2012

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

   I was looking around for something to do with my daughter today, and came across a pack of alphabet flash cards. Now, I'm not a firm believer in the "flash card method" of learning but I do have a few packs around the house. So I counted 10 cards out and placed them on things that correspond with the letter on the card. (ex: I placed the "P" card on her "Piano")
     As you may know we are working on recognition so when she found the cards I'd ask her, "what Letter is on the card?" For the ones she hesitated on, I'd point out the location by asking "where was it? on the...Piano? What letter does Piano begin with?" And we start to sound it out together. She felt really proud of herself after finding the 1st 10 cards, and we ended up playing it a few times, with different letters and different places. Great way to keep any 3-4yr old busy for a while!

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