Thursday, June 9, 2011

Easy Ways to Recycle!

Take a second to notice on the products you are buying, if the packaging is recycle-able! I have been SO surprised to see how many plastic food bags can be recycled. and other items you just might not have realized. Like carrots! the bag has the #4 on most brands, My paper towels/toilet paper wrappers and cardboard center, a lot of containers, cans, paper, magazines, junk mail! The list seams endless! Cut your trash bill in HALF by Recycling~It's easy!
Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District is our local Recycling Center, located in Lyndonville VT. A "swap shop" is also located in the Center, it's a great place to donate un-wanted items, or find a treasure! Get your kids involved with Recycling and reward them for their help with a book! The swap shop has plenty to choose from.
If you have any questions you could call 802-626-3532

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