Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter was great this year, with birds chirping, and sunshine! -well in the morning mostly. Family gathering together to share the joys of simply being together. Spending time with each-other. Nothing is better really. We started the morning with an egg hunt in the living room, finding the eggs we had painted. Spent the afternoon cooking and eating large amounts of food; that somehow no-longer linger in my refrigerator. We played like kids, ate like Kings! After a walk, we re-used the "basket candy" for another Egg hunt. Worked out pretty good too! She ran and played so much outside, she was "out" by 730! I was tucking her in, and she asked me..."mom, will the Easter bunny come back tomorrow?" I said, "no, Easter is like Christmas, it will come again next year." and surprised by the fact she was pleased with my answer, I kissed her goodnight. Happy Easter everyone!

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